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Welcome to Saxophone Academy, an online resource for learning and studying the saxophone in your own pace and on your own schedule.

You can start by enjoying the 8 chapter Beginners Guide to playing saxophone if you are just getting started or dive into the articles on practicing and developing your sax sound in the blog.

There’s also a forum with an interesting Q&A section being added to offer more value and feedback to both beginner and intermediate questions about playing sax.

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This material has been put together by Greger Hillman, an experienced saxophone teacher and working musician with close to 30 years of playing the saxophone.


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Congratulations! You’ve just landed on a website with some very useful information. I’ve gathered information about well proven practice techniques as well as some tips & tricks that pro sax players use right here on the website.

The definite guide for beginner saxophone

Are you just getting started with your saxophone?

... or maybe you are thinking about learning to play the saxophone!

Either way, make sure to check out the definite guide for beginner saxophone which include 8 chapters of highly useful content.

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Saxophone fingerings

Fingering the notes on saxophone can be a bit of a challenge as a newbie, but you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll learn the basic  fingerings even as a total beginner.

I’ve put together a massive resource on Saxophone fingerings, which will show you exactly how to finger and play each note on the saxophone. You can watch the saxophone fingering videos as well as see the illustrated fingering right within the fingering chart guide OR download the very detailed fingering chart as a PDF for printing and reference.

There are several benefits with the sax fingering videos as you are able to follow along as I demonstrate each fingering step by step.

I know, from teaching for the past 10 years, that every student needs extra attention on certain areas in the learning process.

I personally have always been very “visually oriented”, meaning that it’s a lot easier for me to learn if I’m shown how to do it first. That’s also a technique that I use a lot when teaching beginners how to play saxophone. And it works really well too.

Saxophone beginner

Learning the fundamentals for playing saxophone will help you progress at a rapid rate. As long as you practice regularly and focus on the task at hand you’ll be able to learn how to read sheet music, finger and play the notes on sax as well as learn songs.

The importance of “the basics” should not be underestimated as it’s the ground work that’s needed for you to become a solid saxophone player.

That’s why I put over 400 hrs(!) into the “Definite Guide to beginner saxophone”, which is a very comprehensive and detailed guide for getting started playing saxophone.

The guide is 100% free to use and you’ll find it right here on the website.  It’s contains both the basic steps you have to know about as well as some more insights and tips based on my experience of being a sax player for the past 30 years.


Need help with your saxophone?

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These are some of the benefits with the saxophone forum that you can access for reference at anytime. Join in on the conversations or just follow along from the sidelines. (coming soon!)

As this website focus a lot on the beginning stages of playing saxophone, there’s a separate section in the forum covering the most frequently asked questions among beginners.

Make sure to post a question or send in an email if you cannot find the answer to your question in the forum sections.